Qatar 2022, TV ratings: Belgium-Canada good, Bobo TV slightly recovering |  First page

Qatar 2022, TV ratings: Belgium-Canada good, Bobo TV slightly recovering | First page

Fourth day for the World Cup in Qatar. The absence of Italy, for all football fans is felt, even if TV ratings in our country continue to remain positive. The data Auditel on Wednesday 23 November confirm the excellent trend of the matches of the World Cup: Belgium-Canadabroadcast on Rai 1 at 20, kept glued to the screen well 5,095,000 spectatorsby tapping one share equal to 24%.
During the day, the data of the other matches gave feedback to the excellent standard now established by the matches of the World Cup. On Rai 2, Germany-Japan (kick-off at 14) has picked up 2,230,000 spectators with one share of the 19.3%while Spain-Costa Rica (5 pm) was seen by 2,407,000 people with the 19% from share. Setback, however, for the 11 game: Morocco-Croatiaagain on Rai 2, was less followed than Forum on Canale 5 (1,382,000 with 17.3% against 1,486,000 with 19.5%).

AGAIN FLOP FOR THE WORLD CIRCLE – If the matches continue to provide excellent television ratings, the in-depth programs are still struggling. The World Cup Cluba program conducted by Alessandra de Stefano and with an exceptional audience (Sara Simeoni, Jury Chechi, Diego Antonelli and Adriano Panatta) recorded a share of the 9.7%with 1,736,000 viewers connected. A slightly uphill figure compared to the previous evenings but still not satisfactory. Small recovery also for the Bobo TV which collects 964,000 spectatorsgetting one share of the 6.8%. The comparison, however, with the flagship channel of Mediaset remains merciless: the third and final episode of Zeligon Canale 5, has collected 2,669,000 spectatorsequal to al 19.3% from share (Zelig By Night: 1,179,000 – 22.7%).

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