Qatar 2022 World Cup: Croatia, Spain, Belgium and Germany on the field today.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Croatia, Spain, Belgium and Germany on the field today.

Fourth day of matches ai World Cup in Qatar 2022. Today on the field the teams of groups E and F. They open the four-race series the Morocco and the current vice-champions of the world Croatia at 11 Italian. Following (at 14) the challenge between Germany And Japan. We are in the same group Spain And Costa Ricawho face each other at 17. They close the program Belgium And Canada.

Germany: “Against Spain we want Neuer to wear the One Love armband”

On the case of captain armband One Love, hampered by Fifaalso spoke Bernd Neuendorf, president of the German Football Association: “It was a sort of demonstration of power by Fifa, which flexed its muscles. We consider it more than frustrating, as well as being an unprecedented event in the history of the World Cup.” A sponsor has already left the German national team, who now fear more defections. The telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom he asked the Federation for a meeting, also put under pressure by Volkswagen, Adidas, Lufthansa And Commerzbank, other partners of the Mannschaft. The battle for rights, therefore, could soon move from the field to commercial interests.

Captain armband One Love, Germany thinks of a legal action against Fifa

There Germany against the Fifa on the question of captain armband “One Love”symbol of closeness to LGBTQI community: the legal action is pondered, believing that the highest body of world football has not complied with the regulation when it has in fact imposed the pre-packaged bands threatening fines and yellow cards. Move that had generated the about-face of seven federations, including the German one. However, now he thinks he is “taking revenge”: the lawyers have been given a mandate to investigate the matter further. Also because Germany, which has decided to fold, has lost an important sponsor, one of the main supermarket chains in the country. Fifa has been accused of “extreme blackmail”.

France, for Lucas Hernandez World finished

For Lucas Hernandez not only the World Cup is over, but the entire 2022/2023 season: the defender of the France he was born in Bayern Monacogot injured in the first minutes of the match againstAustralia, he suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. His brother Théo will occupy the starting position at left-back, while a deschampsafter Benzema’s forfeit, only 24 players remain available. (from our correspondent Emanuele Gamba)

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