rain of millions for Lega Serie A

rain of millions for Lega Serie A

The 2024 Italian Super Cup disputed between Hungary and Saudi Arabia: the Serie A League is studying the million-dollar proposals arriving from abroad.

Where will it be played? Italian Super Cup in 2024? We still don’t know. The edition to be held next January, which refers to last season, will be played in Saudi Arabia and on 18 January 2023, the Italian champions Milan will challenge Inter, the last team to win the Italian Cup, in a Milanese derby exported to Ryiad.

In view of the next edition, however, there are still no agreements made by the Serie A League and different scenarios open up: after two years in the Middle East, for two seasons the final has been replayed in Italy but this year it will be back outside again. Where will it go in 2024? We don’t know yet, but there are at least two hypotheses.

The first leads to Budapest and is the daughter of the proposal by Viktor Orban, Prime Minister ofHungary, who a few weeks ago would have sent his offer to the League and should be examined during the Council scheduled for tomorrow in via Rosellini in Milan. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Magyar country has reached agreements with Italian sports institutions, given that the Giro d’Italia has passed under the premier’s house. The offer is 8 million euros but it has to deal with the new proposal arrived from Saudi Arabia, which is equal to three times that of Hungary.

The new offer from the Saudis is expected to be around 23-24 million euros but at the basis of this proposal there is also the idea of ​​changing the format of the event: the event would include four teams, along the lines of the one organized in Spain, with the first two classified in Serie A and the two finalists in the Italian Cup , with a tournament that would therefore take place in three games, two semi-finals and a final. The winning team or one of the other participants should face the Saudi Super Cup winning club.

Some difficulties have already been faced in Lega Serie A and the most important would be the modification of the championship calendar. It is not clear to what extent this new proposal can be accepted or find adhesions but in the coming weeks all the hypotheses will be examined for

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