remove Citizenship Income from those without a diploma

remove Citizenship Income from those without a diploma

According to Joseph Vallettara in “Italy there are 364,101 recipients of Citizenship Income in the 18-29 age group. Of these, 11,290 have only an elementary school diploma or no qualifications, and another 128,710 only have a middle school diploma. We believe that compulsory to complete the school course for those who have illegally interrupted it or a professional training course in the case of people with a higher education qualification but not employed or engaged in training updates, under penalty of loss of income in both cases, or any welfare system that will replace it from 2024”. Also Valditara a few days ago had caused discussion by proposing the “penalty” of community work for violent students.

Those who leave school commit a crime – The Minister of Education and Merit speaks of “immorality” for those who take the Citizenship Income but he dropped out of school and it doesn’t work “it means legitimizing and even rewarding a violation of the law”. “Even the perception of income by a young person who has higher education qualifications has no personal or family impediments, but he does not look for a job, or invest in training himself, it is not economically and culturally sustainable”, continues the minister .

“Inhuman is not cutting income but living with illegality” – “A boy cannot consciously renounce to cultivate his talents in any form, and at the same time be paid by the State, or by Italian citizens. The great alliance for school and for merit that I have launched implies, like all alliances, the principle of responsibility. There is no merit without responsibility”. “I hear that cutting income would be inhuman – concludes the minister – it seems inhuman to me to live with illegality, to trample on the right to study, to educate children to maintain themselves at the expense of society rather than to believe in themselves and in the possibility of improve their living conditions”.

The proposal by Minister Valditara is part of the modification of the basic income for 2023 and then of the reform in 2024 announced in budget law (and which had unleashed a outcry from the president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte). In this context, the Minister of Education and Merit had the ministry’s structures carry out a research on young people aged between 18 and 29 who are income earners. The research gave an outcome that the minister defines as “surprising and disturbing”, with respect to which he announces that he has elaborated “a proposal that shows how the word ‘merit’ in my vision and that of the government is not a rhetorical tinsel, but constitutes a precise political direction”.

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