Rome, sexual assault on two American girls in Trastevere: 34-year-old taxi driver arrested –

Rome, sexual assault on two American girls in Trastevere: 34-year-old taxi driver arrested –

from Fulvio Fiano and Rinaldo Frignani

Antonio Macr, acquitted in the first instance in a rape trial, lurked behind some dumpsters, pretended to help the girls, one of whom was feeling ill, and instead attacked them. Violence up 9% in 12 months

On the day when the Interior Ministry presents the dossier Prejudice is the violence against women — 95 women killed from the beginning of the year to November 7, more than half (48) at the hands of the partner or ex, 33 by other family members – in which there is a increase by 9% of sexual assaults compared to 2021, in Rome a 34-year-old taxi driver ends up in Regina Coeli for abusing two American students. Antonio Macralready acquitted in a trial for rape, now accused of sexual assault against two girls aged 20 and 21: lon the night of October 14th last year, according to police findings, they fell within theJohn Cabot University hostel when one of them fell ill, perhaps due to the abuse of alcohol in a nearby pub. The taxi driver, stationed in the car behind some bins, pretended to help them and instead attacked them. To frame him the images of the surveillance cameras and the testimony of the victims, one of which, despite the shock, photographed and filmed the 34-year-old who, however, did not stop: only later was he put to flight by the reaction of the two. How these mad women scream!: so Macr turned to the vigilante of the John Cabot, rushed to the cries of the young girls. So he got into the taxi and fled.

How would it happen to Andria where a man abused a sixteen-year-old girl with mental illness, after making her drink and drug her. Dramas analyzed yesterday at the presentation of the Interior Ministry’s report on violence against women, edited by the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police. Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, present at the meeting with the police chief Lamberto Giannini, announced new contrasting measures, including the extension of the range of the warning from the questore. The central director of the criminal police Vittorio Rizzi instead wanted to underline the structural nature of these crimes: Which continues to remain partly submerged.

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