Russia blames London for sabotage of Nord Stream and attack on its fleet in Crimea.  The reply: “Fake epic”

Russia blames London for sabotage of Nord Stream and attack on its fleet in Crimea. The reply: “Fake epic”

There is the hand of London behind the last one, very heavy Ukrainian attack that hit four ships of the Russian fleet to Sevastopolin Crimeaas well as behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines of last month or are we facing an “epic fake news” as per the Downing Street reply? According to the statements coming from Fly “representatives of a unit of the British Navy were involved in the planning, supply and execution of the terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26 to weaken the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines”. While from the Ministry of Defense it is added that the Great Britain helped prepare the Ukrainian drone attack on Crimea with input from British specialists based in Ochakovin the oblast of Nikolaev. The thesis, of which the Kremlin has not actually provided proof, was flatly denied by the British Defense: “To belittle their disastrous management of the invasion illegal of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry is resorting to false claims of epic significance – reads their Twitter profile – This invented story says more about the frictions within the Russian government rather than about the West”.

Moreover, if confirmed, the responsibility of the United Kingdom would create a very risky precedent in relations between the Federation and the Western alliance in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. Also because the attack on the four warships, including one frigate it’s a amphibious assault shipwas the most “massive” since the beginning of the special military operationaccording to the pro-Russian governor Mikhail Razvozhaev: “The enemy tried to hit the military infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet. All unmanned aerial vehicles were detected and destroyed beforehand,” he explained. Ukrainian presidential adviser Anton Gerashchenko he added in Telegram that, according to unconfirmed data, among the damaged ships there is also the cruise missile carrier Kalibr “Admiral Makarov”. At the moment, Russian units have completely blocked the entrance to the Sevastopol Bay.

“A Terrorist Attack”: this is how the Ministry of Defense of Moscow defined it instead. Who then reconstructed the events of this morning: “Today, at 4.20, the Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack against the ships of the Black Sea fleet and civilian ships in the external and internal ports of the Sevastopol base. Nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles were involved in the attack. While repelling a terrorist attack in Sevastopol’s outer port, shipboard weapons and naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed four unmanned underwater vehicles and three more were destroyed in the inner port,” the ministry said.

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