Saudi Arabia on alert, media: Imminent attack from Iran

Saudi Arabia on alert, media: Imminent attack from Iran

Raised the alarm level – Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence information with the United States warning of an “imminent” attack by Iran on targets in the Kingdom and the Middle East, including Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. According to “Wall Street Journal“, which quotes Saudi and US officials as saying that in response to the warning, Riyadh, Washington and other countries have raised the alert level among their military forces. However, no further details were provided.

According to the Saudi services, Tehran has targeted targets in the kingdom and in Erbil, already the target of attacks by Iranian drones and ballistic missiles at the end of September. One of these had been intercepted and shot down by an American fighter before it could hit the US troops stationed in the area of ​​the Iraqi city. “We are concerned about the overall picture and remain in constant contact with the Saudis through military and intelligence channels,” said a spokesman for the US National Security Council, stressing that the United States “will not hesitate to act in defense of our interests and partners in the region”.

Attack to divert attention from internal manifestations – Where confirmed, planned attacks would aim to divert attention from demonstrations that Iran has been witnessing for weeks and for which countries such as the US and Saudi Arabia would be responsible, according to Tehran. The White House National Security Council said it was concerned about the warnings and announced that it is ready to respond “in defense of interests and partners in the region”. Iran had immediately accused the US, some European states, Israel and Saudi Arabia of being behind the protests for Mahsa Amini, which began after the girl’s death, on September 16, following her arrest because she didn’t wear the veil correctly.

And last month the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, General Hossein Salami, issued an ultimatum to Riyadh over its media coverage of the demonstrations, accusing the kingdom of interference in Iranian internal affairs. The latest warning comes, however, at a time when tensions between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States have increased in light of Tehran’s growing involvement alongside Russia in the war in Ukraine.

Iran also accused of arming Russia – The United States and Great Britain also return to accuse the Tehran regime of continuing to arm Putin’s Russia. The new threat would be in the alleged supply of short-range ballistic missiles. The United States have not yet had the opportunity to confirm this possibility but remain “concerned”. “We continue to be concerned about the potential supply of surface-to-surface missiles to Russia from Iran. We haven’t had any confirmation so far, but we are concerned about it,” noted White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby. . Iranian ballistic missiles could be deployed on Ukraine’s northern border. This was stated by Kiev Air Force spokesman Yury Ignat, adding that the Ukrainian armed forces would not be able to defend themselves. “We will use all means of protection against these missiles. They will probably be delivered to northern Ukraine, from where they can threaten the whole country,” he explained, speaking of missiles with “300km” and “700km” ranges . And warning: “We do not have an effective defense. In theory it is possible to shoot them down, but in reality it is very difficult to do it with the means we have at our disposal. We have air defense, not missile defense”, he explained, estimating that Russia has requested missiles to Iran “because they are running out of stocks of their Iskanders”.

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