Seven years of mission in Brazil, Sister Vittoriana returns to Villagrande

Seven years of mission in Brazil, Sister Vittoriana returns to Villagrande

She returned to her native country after seven years of mission in Brazil, Sister Victorianborn in 1947. At a young age, he left Villagrande responding to the vocational call of religious life in Congregation of the Daughters of St. Joseph of Genoni, a small village in the Oristano area. After a long experience as an educator in various schools in Sardinia and in Rome, she comes sent as a missionary to Latin America. In 2001 she arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent seven years here, first at Villa Udaondo and later in Cordoba. In 2014, after three years of returning to Italy, he responds again to the missionary call to return to Latin America: this time in Brazilin the state of Maranhao, exactly in the city of Matinha, four hours from San Luis.

«This is where I left my hearta big heart that it seemed to want to encompass the whole world» says Sister Vittoriana. Her mission was a work of human and spiritual accompaniment of a very variegated people and poor in every well-being. Teaching catechism to little boys and not only, and then the work of a seamstress handed down to generations of girls.

“As a young man I had learned to sew and embroider, so I thought of using that ability of mine to try and improve the lives of many young girls» continues Sister Vittoriana. «A suburban reality so dear to Pope Francis and current in the world of youth, where we witness a miracle of life that is reborn in young people destroyed by drugs and alcohol. I have many beautiful memories of the mission in Brazil, a simple and cheerful people, where life flows slowly and monotonously but which a charge that strongly touches the heart» concludes Sister Vittoriana nostalgically.

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