Soumahoro and the coops, billing light.  Mother-in-law investigated: embezzlement

Soumahoro and the coops, billing light. Mother-in-law investigated: embezzlement

There are now several files opened by the Latina prosecutor’s office on the two cooperatives, Karibu and the Aid Consortium, engaged in the management of reception centers for migrants in the Pontine area. According to Ansa, Marie Therese Mukamitsindo, the mother-in-law of deputy Aboukabar Soumahoro and president of one of the cooperatives is under investigation, alleging the crime of embezzlement. In fact, there are more suspects for the “older” investigation, that of 2019, while the new files opened after the complaints of Uiltucs, led by trade unionist Gianfranco Cartisano, for the very long delays in paying workers’ salaries are currently still against unknown or at the stage of “relative acts”. The spotlight of the Guardia di Finanza has turned on too many aspects that do not add up, starting with the exposure in the 2021 budget. And the ministry inspectors have also descended on Latina and Sezze for an inspection and there is already open talk of an imminent commissioner.

The reports

There are many aspects of the complex Karibu affair both for alleged missed payments to the treasury and for the expenses incurred by the Municipalities for the “Sprar” projects, the reception of asylum seekers and refugees in the apartments rented by the cooperatives that won the contract . On this front, Coop also had relations with Rome. From the Campidoglio they explain that “there are no existing contracts”, but by sifting through the administration website it is discovered, for example, that in 2019 Karibu was entrusted with a mandate of 260 thousand within a project for foster children. In 2021 she was selected to train the “figure of the guardian for integration”. In the province of Latina, however, anomalies are emerging in the same area. «In our case – explains Federico Carnevale, mayor of Monte San Biagio, a Pontine municipality of six thousand inhabitants – the reporting relating to the last year of the project is lower than what the cooperative obtained, according to the provisions of the project. We are talking about a total of 2.7 million euros distributed over 7 years, around 380,000 euros a year. The problems with Karibu arose in the last year of management, among other things in extension, when the statement was about 30,000 euros lower. That money, already received in the flow of ministerial funding, we cannot justify without an adequate account of the cooperative. But Karibu disappeared, they no longer answered the numerous Pecs and phone calls”.

Karibu in the province of Latina has always been a “colossus” of hospitality. The difference in the reports would also concern other Pontine municipalities, such as Priverno. Expenses lower than those foreseen by the projects already paid for by the ministry which will naturally be able to “beat the cash” by asking the Municipalities to return the formally unused loans. “But there were other problems as well – adds Mayor Carnevale – such as the payments that did not reach the owners of the houses rented to Karibu that housed the migrants. Clearly the owners turned to us for clarification, but the lease contracts were all stipulated by the cooperative».



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