Syria, Turkish drone strikes base with Kurdish and US soldiers.  Erdogan: “Ground invasion soon”.  Russia: “Ankara limits the use of force”

Syria, Turkish drone strikes base with Kurdish and US soldiers. Erdogan: “Ground invasion soon”. Russia: “Ankara limits the use of force”

The new Turkish military operation against the Kurdish militias in Syria threatens to unleash a new one international crisis in the Middle East. The violence with which the missiles of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan they lashed out against what he considers his main enemies in the Rojava Syrian has also provoked the reaction of the Russiaa country which Ankara sees more as a partner than as an adversary, and which also risks creating an internal conflict within the Bornsince one of them hit a base of Syrian Democratic Forces but shared with the US military, which maintains a presence in the area. Meanwhile a new one missile attack by Kurdish-Syrian militias Ypg/Ypj to Azaza town in Syria near the border with Turkey, has caused deaths and injuries.

On Monday, the Turkish president dismissed any hypothesis of slowing down the renamed offensive “Claw Sword”stating that the operation will not be limited to air raids, but could also involve ground troops. And even today the Turkish president reiterated that an operation with land troops could take place “soon”: “God willing, soon we will eradicate them with our tanks, our artillery and our soldiers. We responded to the dastardly attack that claimed the lives of 6 innocent people by destroying terrorist targets in northern Iraq and Syria. We know very well who arms and encourages terrorists”.

But this aggressiveness risks creating problems for him in relations with the United States and Russia. An armed drone from Ankara, as reported by the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, has in fact hit the US-SDF base in the region of Hasake, killing three Kurdish militiamen. Action that occurred shortly before the message sent by Kremlin which warned the Turkish executive that some actions in Syria may lead to a further one “destabilization”inviting, through the spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, all parties involved in moderation. “Russia and Turkey have different views on the situation in Syria and on who has not fulfilled the commitments of the Sochi Memorandum – explained Putin’s spokesman – These differences have been repeatedly discussed by the two presidents. Thank God, the friendly and partnership relations with Turkey make it possible to discuss these differences openly and constructively.”

Russia, through the special envoy ad Astana, where a tripartite meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran on Syria, he then added that he hopes Erdoğan will show “restraint” and refrain from “any excessive use of force” in Syria: “We hope to convince our Turkish colleagues to refrain from resorting toexcessive use of force on Syrian territory” to “avoid an escalation of tension”.

Meanwhile, however, Ankara provides the numbers of the new military operation in northern Syria, after the campaign Afrin And Tall Rifat renamed “Olive branch” which has forced thousands of civilians to leave their homes to flee the violence of the Islamist militias co-opted by Turkey. And they claim to have “neutralized about 184 terrorists from the Pkk” in the cross-border air operation launched on Sunday between northern Iraq and northern Syria, where the party, in their opinion, “has illegal hideouts” and plans “attacks on Turkish soil”. There are 89 targets, including shelters, bunkers, caves, tunnels and warehouses that were destroyed in the first phase of the operation. “The Turkish Armed Forces are showing a level of sensitivity that no army has shown in not harming civilians, the environment, historical, cultural and religious structures, both in planning and executing activities. The Turkish military will do whatever needs to be done in line with all these sensitivities to the end.” The defense minister then concluded by saying that since the beginning of the year Turkey has “neutralized 3,585 terrorists”.

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