Taxes above 5% in the UK?

Taxes above 5% in the UK?

There is no peace for the English cost of living, and more generally for the English Central Bank. Indeed, annual inflation in the UK rose to 10.1% in September from 9.9% in August, returning to the 40-year high recorded in July and exceeding market expectations by 10%.

Core inflation, which excludes energy, food, alcohol and tobacco, rose to a record 6.5% from expectations of 6.4% and from 6.3% the previous month.

In this context, the markets are now expecting rates to rise, even up to 5.5% by March 2023. If this were to actually happen, the United Kingdom would have the highest rates among developed countries.

These prospects do not change our positions on the United Kingdom: no bonds, but yes to the British Stock Exchange in the portfolio.

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