The 500e shines in Germany: first in October

The 500e shines in Germany: first in October

The 500e shines in Germany and conquers the monthly ranking of electric sales once again. And it is not an episodic exploit: in total 2022 it is in 2nd place.

the 500e sparks

The 500e shines: 2,353 deliveries in October, ahead of the two VWs

Nemo propheta in patria even in electric. The little Fiat is taking away the satisfactions that are lacking in the large European marketsasphyxiated Italian market. In October they were registered on the German market 2,363 500e, against the 307 placed on the Italian market. And even the comparison of the total for the first 10 months of 2022 is merciless: in Germany the 20 thousand units (19,219 units to be precise), in Italy we are still at 5,586. What is striking is the fact that the small Turin is confirmed as the only electric model capable of countering the Tesla in the most important European market. Still looking at the January-October data, the 500e is crazy in second place, between the leader Model Y (24,177 registrations) and the Model 3, third with 16,983. Once again the house cars have to chase, even if finally the Volkswagen ID.3 it beats a beat to place second in October with 2,160 registrations.

the 500e sparks
The Ford Kuga, the best-selling plug-in hybrid in Germany.

Stop the incentives for plug-ins at the end of the year

If we consider the total for 2022, however, the two Volkswagens are placed in fourth and fifth position, well away from the leading trio. The ID.4 it is at altitude 12,880the ID.3 chases a 12,802. Even October, however, considered that the German electric market is healthy, with 35,781 cars sold and a 17% increase over 2021. Of the overall sales total, EV’s share is by 16%, against the 3.1% of Italy. October was also a great month in Germany for sales of plug-in hybridsclimb to altitude 32.064 with a market share by 15%. The best seller was the Ford Kuga, with 2,394 registrations. But these data are inflated by the fact that the government has already announced that the incentives for cars with dual engines will expire at the end of the year, with no more renewal. And this, of course, leads us to anticipate the purchase.

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