the alarm of the American secret services

the alarm of the American secret services

According to US intelligence, Iran is about to attack Saudi Arabia. The US has shared information in its possession with Riyadh.

According to US intelligence, Iran would be ready to launch an attack on Saudi Arabia. The US, according to CNN reports, would have shared this information with the Saudi secret services, suggesting that the alert level be increased. The White House said it was “concerned” about the increasingly tense situation.

According to reports, the attack could be launched in Erbil, already the target of Iranian drones and ballistic missiles in September. Saudi Arabia would be ready to defend itself against the military threat with the help of US F-22s.

Despite the state of “maximum alert”, the American authorities believe that the US military is not a target. According to State Department spokesman Ned Price, the United States remain “concerned about the catastrophic consequences that an armed conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran could have”, but are “sure they are not the target of the attack”. “Despite everything – added Price – we will remain in constant communication with Saudi intelligence”.

“We will not hesitate to act in defense of our interests and our partners in the region” the State Department spokesman underlined again during a briefing. For the moment, Iran has not commented on the allegations leaked by international newspapers.

Diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia have remained icy since 2016, when protesters from Tehran stormed the Saudi embassy in the city in response to the execution of a Shiite cleric. Since then, the Houthi rebel movement has attacked Riyadh’s oil facilities several times.

This has forced Saudi and Iranian officials to meet several times to discuss safety issues. The meetings were never publicized, but they helped maintain a fragile balance between the two sides. Now, however, the accusations against Iran risk compromising an already extremely delicate situation.

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