The forgotten Flaiano.  A documentary about Canada, in search of solitude

The forgotten Flaiano. A documentary about Canada, in search of solitude

“Ocean Canada”, frost, trees, waterfalls, cowboys and Inuit. He had been the screenwriter of Fellini, in ’71 he went to shoot five episodes for Rai, an increasingly misanthropic end of his career but which tells a lot about the man

The landscape that is flowing outside the window of the Montreal-Québec train is more or less what Flaiano saw half a century ago during his last Canadian trip: maple woods, wooden houses, cultivated fields as far as the eye can see. Not much has changed since then, in this half-empty. It was the summer of 1971, a long stay, from the end of July to the end of September. Back in Italy, Flaiano resumed work on the many open projects. It had just come out The Game and the Massacre, he was putting together the pieces that would form The White Shadows. But in November 1972 he had a second heart attack, two years after the first who had forced him to rest for weeks but who had also given him, as he wrote to his friend Aldo Tassone, an unexpected lucidity: a “painful story”, precisely the heart attack, “which brought first disorder now clarity in my life. Only this time he didn’t recover. After about ten days in the hospital, he had a third attack and died on November 20th. Thus, the documentary Canadian Ocean shot together with Andrea Andermann, five episodes of about forty minutes for Rai, was probably the last thing that this virtuoso of the fragment and the non-finite managed to finish.

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