The referee Sikazwe strikes at the World Cup: what a disaster in Belgium-Canada

The referee Sikazwe strikes at the World Cup: what a disaster in Belgium-Canada

The Zambian match official denied the Canucks two clean penalties, but even the assistants didn’t help

Janny Sikazwe it also affects ai World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The Zambian referee, designated for Belgium-Canada after the combined disasters in the African Cup in 2021, he was the absolute negative protagonist in the match won by the Diavoli Rossi 1-0. There are two rather clear penalties not awarded by Sikazwe in favor of the Canadians, both in the first half. The Zambian, however, did not make a mistake on his own: in fact, even the help of the Var.

The photo of Pierluigi Collina baffled in the stands for the arbitration decisions, he immediately went around the web, but the work of Sikazwe and of the employees of the Var went beyond all logic. In the first half there were three penalties in favor of Canada not seen on the field, one – the first – then assigned with the review on the field.

Sensational, however, the one not booed a Buchanan due to a non-existent offside called by the linesman and confirmed by the referee, without the VAR intervening to signal that the last touch before the offending episode was actually a back pass by a player from the Belgiumquite evident by the way.

Call for review which was instead made for the highly contested third episode when Witsel collapsed on the striker of the Canada for an uncalled clear foul, and not corrected after reviewing the action on the monitor.

Who knows if this time too Sikazwe will be justified by speaking of “divine calls” as was done in the 2021 African Cup of Nations when due to an alleged heatstroke twice whistled the end of the game well before the ninetieth, forcing the CAF to intervene with the national teams of Mali and Tunisia already largely in the locker room.

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