the shadow of France behind the privatization of Thales –

the shadow of France behind the privatization of Thales –

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Experts: “Nationalizing water sources and infrastructures are strategic objectives”

This is what emerged during the public meeting organized by the “We can’t drink it” committee

Annamaria Lupi

Nationalize water sources and infrastructure. Because behind the privatizations, such as the one affecting Thales, there is an operation of economic warfare conducted by France to acquire Italian water basins.

Solange Manfredi explained it to the large audience who flocked to the council chamber of Palazzo dei Priori for the public meeting organized by the coordination of public water committees “We don’t drink it”. Expert in geopolitics and regulatory warfare and president of the MovimentoBlu scientific committee, Manfredi points out: «France is well aware of the economic importance of water, considered as a priority and strategic sector». Also because beyond the Alps they need to have large quantities of water resources available for the operation and cooling of nuclear power plants. A war that the French government carries out at a regulatory level upstream of the economic one and “if you manage to influence the laws and impose your position in Europe, the competitive advantage is evident” underlines Manfredi who also mentions Enrico Letta among the consultants of French multinationals.

“The water systems in Italy are under constant attack – he remarks – and it is very serious not to have protected a strategic resource”. of Movimento Blu, that of nationalizing sources and infrastructures.

“We are talking about strategic infrastructures, and therefore also linked to a problem of national security, which in many areas of Italy are already controlled by the French,” explains Montalto. Just to give an example: «In Lazio, the Peschiera is the largest aquifer in Europe and is connected to Acea, born as a public company but controlled by Caltagirone and even more by the French multinationals, and control over the latter is French government”. The president rejects the establishment of the Spa and the subdivision into territorial areas: «A model desired by corporations, useful to multinationals, but incompatible with public management» and the single regional tariff «with which the foundations are laid for a single and one manager”. And, to reiterate the strategic importance of water resources, he recalls the proposal of the previous national executive: to bring the powers currently held by Arera back under the aegis of the government. Montalto’s position is clear on the question of the transfer of 40% of the shares of Talete to private individuals who warns: “They are studying solutions that lead not only to pass to Acea but into French hands”.

Paola Celletti of the “We don’t drink it!” committee, addressing the mayors and administrators present – including the first citizens of Viterbo Chiara Frontini and Ronciglione Mario Mengoni – exhorts: of Thales’ shares end up in private hands. Water is a universal and essential right, we cannot let public water be privatized in favor of multinationals”.

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