the storm of Santa Cecilia is coming, storms, wind storms and lots of snow in the mountains « 3B Meteo

the storm of Santa Cecilia is coming, storms, wind storms and lots of snow in the mountains « 3B Meteo

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SANTA CECILIA CYCLONE, STRONG BAD WEATHER ON TUESDAY – Confirmed the passage of an intense perturbation over Italy on Tuesday, connected to a particularly deep cyclonic vortex that will move from the Tyrrhenian Sea towards the upper Adriatic. Bad weather will not spare any region. First rains already arriving on Monday evening from the west, but during Tuesday the whole boot will be swept from west to east by heavy rains and thunderstorms: particular attention to Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Lucania, Calabria, Tyrrhenian Sicily and Sardinia, where particularly intense storms could occur with local peaks even over 100-150mm. Local hydrogeological criticalities, flash flooding, damage and inconvenience will therefore be possible.

WIND SUMPS, GUTS OF OVER 100KM/H -Everything will be accompanied by very strong winds first from Scirocco and Libeccio, then from Ponente and Mistral, which will sweep away much of our Peninsula. On the Tyrrhenian side, as well as on the Major Islands, on the Ligurian coast and on the upper Adriatic possible gusts even over 90-100km/h; windstorms will also sweep the Apennines. Possible violent storms on the exposed coasts, with waves of over 6-8 meters on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Sea and the Channel of Sardinia; the possibility of an exceptional tide on the Venetian lagoon should also be noted, up to 150cm in Venice and Chioggia. Damages, inconveniences and difficulties in connections with the smaller islands are not excluded.

LOTS OF SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS, EVEN AT LOW ALTITUDE – There will also be heavy snowfalls in the mountains: in the Alps snow from 800-1200m but at times even lower in the Dolomites, Val d’Adige, possible in the morning snow up to high hill altitudes between the Piedmontese Langhe and Cuneo and the Savona hinterland. The most abundant snowfalls are expected in the Eastern Alps: up to 20-40cm from 1200-1400m, even over half a meter from 1600m and over a meter from 1800-2000m. Snowfalls also on the Apennines, from 1300-1600m on the central one, at times even below 1000-1200m on the Tuscan-Emilian one by the end of the day; higher snow altitude instead on the southern Apennines.

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