The “total grey” pastry signed by Masquespacio in Saudi Arabia

The “total grey” pastry signed by Masquespacio in Saudi Arabia

Who says Masquespacio usually think of the color first: the decided colors of the The Student Hotel of Berlin, the pastel colors used for hamburgerie Bun in Milan and Turin and for the sneaker collection designed for the Spanish brand Hoff, or even the deep blue that invades the restaurant There Sastrería of Valencia like a sea wave. If the creative duo formed by the Colombian Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and the Belgian Christophe Penasse have among their strengths a skilful and personal use of color block, for their most recent project, that of the pastry-coffee shop MO in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, the choice fell on a gray monochrome with a few touches of white.

The clients, the managers Omar Bakhurji and Asim Al-Harthi of the RightGrain company, specialized in experiential catering, had expressed from the beginning the desire to turn their backs on local tradition to give life to a strongly evocative space, capable of arousing a sort of wonder in customers. A “wow effect” of which the Valencian studio, known for its emotional approach and for its interiors that seem to have come from the metaverse, seems to know the secret.

“They explained to us that they wanted to propose a futuristic conceptnot only through the interior design but also with regard to the bakery products on sale”, says Christophe Penasse, “It was clear that the business model would also be innovative, and that it would provide for the possibility of using the venue for experiences of all kinds: events, presentations, concerts”.

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