The US gives Ukraine more weapons for 725 million dollars.  Saudi Arabia reaches out to Zelensky

The US gives Ukraine more weapons for 725 million dollars. Saudi Arabia reaches out to Zelensky

AGI – The Pentagon has authorized additional $725 million in arms aid to Ukraineleading to 18.2 billion the total amount with which the US supported the country since January 2021. The new aid package includes ammunition for the Himars long-range artillery systemsconsisting of 23,000 155mm artillery pieces and 500 precision guided artillery pieces.

The Pentagon is also evaluating all possible options to support Internet connectivity in Ukraine after Elon Musk’s warning that it could ‘unplug’ the country’s Starlink connection.

Musk can no longer bear the costs of the communication network guaranteed by about 20,000 satellite units – the Starlink project, in fact – and has asked the Pentagon to meet this expense.

It is yet another step towards the repair of relations between Musk and Kiev, after the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin in recent days had advised him to literally “go to hell” after the founder of Tesla and SpaceX had launched his peace proposal for Ukraine on Twitterjudged too pro-Russian

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has announced $400 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The news was reported by SPA, the official Saudi news agency, which also reported a phone call from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Mbs underlined “the kingdom’s position in support of everything that will contribute to a de-escalation” and the willingness “to continue mediation efforts”.

On the field is to register a new Russian attack with kamikaze drones in Zaporizhzhia. The Kyiv Independent reports it in a tweet. In the attack on the city, infrastructure was damaged and a fire broke out at the affected site, Acting Mayor Anatoly Kurtev said.

Ukrainian technicians have restored emergency power generators at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, a fix needed after the plant last week had recorded two disconnections from the external power grid. This was announced in a press release by the IAEA. The plant has also received supplies to fill its twenty diesel generators thanks to the arrival of seven tank trucks and hours can count on at least ten days of operation autonomous if it were to suffer other disconnections.


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