Tragedy in Spinea, killed a man and a woman

Tragedy in Spinea, killed a man and a woman

Tragedy in Spinea on Sunday evening, two people killed. Two lifeless bodies were found after 9pm in via Leopardi. Several carabinieri patrols, an ambulance and a medical car intervened at number 9. The lifeless bodies of a man and a woman were found, probably a couple, both stabbed to death by a third person.

The investigators of the forensics are at work to look for clues to reconstruct the outlines of the story, for the moment still unclear. The investigations would also have been extended to other neighboring houses. Information had spread about a family dispute that ended in blood. But the scenario appeared different when it was learned that the man and the woman had both been killed by a person who then fled by car, whom the police chased during the night.

Some apartments in the condominium in front of number 9 were manned, perhaps evacuated. It is not excluded that during the violence there was an attempt to find shelter from some neighbours, perhaps by ringing the bells and taking refuge in someone’s home to escape the violence. All circumstances in the reconstruction phase, such as the very motive for the double homicide, perhaps matured due to the inability to accept a relationship between two people.


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