Ukraine, the US prepares for world war.  What do we do?

Ukraine, the US prepares for world war. What do we do?

A item published by the Austrian journalist Catlin Johnston analyzed in a convincing, if disheartening, way the existence of a broad current of thought which maintains that the perspective of third World warconducted by the West against Russia and China, is now inevitable and that it is necessary to prepare in time for this eventuality by increasing military expenditure and adequately arranging all the necessary military equipmentbut also by conducting a hammering campaign of Goebbelsian-style mass psychological conditioning to overcome the resistance opposed by public opinion.

Catlin Johnstone also refers to a very recent article published by the mainstream magazine of international relations foreign affairs, which has been meaningfully titled “Could America Win a World War? What It Would Take to Defeat Both China and Russia“, who strongly pleads the cause of rearm in view of the war against the two antagonists. The Australian journalist then goes on to illustrate an impressive series of positions taken by scholars of the international relations published in important media such as the Washington Post, foreign policy, the New Yorker and others, who converge on the need for the United States to prepare for war against China, Russia and even Iran.

According to Alberto Bradaniniwho was ambassador of Italy in Beijing, “the pontifications listed constitute the evidence that the army of big lie he’s dangerously out of his mind. His word obeys the narrative of occult strategists who evaluate the hypothesis of a global conflict that is not only possible, but even natural, and which no one can avoid ”. Obviously all this is not even taken into consideration in our country governed by servants of power Western Europe and inhabited by about 60 million poor men and women poor men and women, the vast majority intent on making ends meet with difficulty and absolutely unaware of the catastrophe that is brewing on their skin.

Citing the historian Andrea GraziosiBradanini gives us an unfortunately truthful picture of Italy by writing that “Italian political culture is irrelevant and provincial and is concentrated on peripheral aspects, in an inverted logic compared to the priority and to the same interests of Italy, a desovereignised, marginalized country enslaved to the interests of others”. The inedible minestrone that the dominant media (the so-called giornaloni, i.e. practically the complex of the Italian daily press, with the only relevant exception of Everyday occurrence) are treated to us on a daily basis, Bradanini continues, “the autocratic nations (the kingdom of evil) constitute one threat for Western democracies (the realm of good)”. An ultra-simplified and mystifying narration of the current situation, which ridiculously mimics intentions and ideals of the anti-Nazi coalition who won World War II.

Ape all the more ridiculous if one considers that the Soviet Union was part of this coalition and that today the same Western states have voted against a resolution condemning Nazi-fascism all over the world.General Assembly of the United Nations. However, a narrative which, perhaps precisely because of its primitive and grotesque form, undoubtedly had the merit of coagulating around itself the so-called European ruling classes and the Italian one in particular. An undertaking which is not too difficult given the extremely low cultural level of these ruling classes, made up of poorly crafted characters in vitro that have not experienced any significant historical events during their silly existence.

The affirmation of Bradanini himself, according to which “in the era of the nuclear weapon should instead prevail the principle of maximum caution multiplying efforts in favor of dialogue and compromise, de-escalation and détente”. But which of our insane politicians would today be able to understand the sense of this statement? Perhaps only Sergio Mattarella, but of course every other day. The word and practice of war spread throughout the world, as demonstrated by the Turkish attacks on Rojavathe Israeli one to Palestine, the Saudi one to Yemen, the Moroccan one to Western Sahara, to limit ourselves to the best known cases. First NATO (which as revealed by the Done has prepared the current conflict since at least 2014) and then Russia have taught.

So we’re in bad shape. It is time to forcefully raise the voice of the pacifist dissent to say enough to rearmament, escalation and war. This contagion could spread to other European countries, the United States and countries directly involved in the ukrainian conflict, Ukraine itself and Russia; but only these countries are capable of making that change that is indispensable and urgent today to save the world human civilization.

So let’s start working on it by declaring our net dissociation from NATO and from bellicose logic, starting with the women’s demonstration scheduled for next Saturday November 26th in Rome.

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