US elections 2024, Trump candidate: so far only one senator supports him

US elections 2024, Trump candidate: so far only one senator supports him

Almost a week after the announcement of the Donald Trump’s new candidacy for the White House, so far only one Republican senator has publicly declared his endorsement to the former president. We are talking about Tommy Tuberville, elected in Alabama, who in recent days said he was rooting for Trump’s return to the White House, praising his successes.

The rest of the Republican senators, on the other hand, remain at least cautious, if not completely skeptical about the return of the cumbersome tycoon to the field, just after the heavy electoral defeat of Trump’s voters. Even his super allies when he was president, such as Lindsey Graham – who it should be remembered had been a bitter enemy of Trump during the 2016 primaries – did not go too far in an endorsement, limiting himself to praising the speech he gave to run for candidacy, stating that the ex president will be “hard to beat”.

There are also those who, like Mitt Romney, one of the few open critical voices of Trump within the Republican party, reveal that in reality all the Republican senators were against the announcement of Trump’s candidacy, fearing that this could create a distraction and anti-Republican mobilization in view of the December 6 ballot in Georgia.

“During a closed-door meeting a senator asked ‘how many of us want Trump to announce the candidacy now?’, no one raised their hand”, revealed the former candidate for the White House, saying he is convinced that the GOP will be able to present some stronger candidates instead of “returning the now rested horse that has lost three times in a row”, referring to Trump.

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