USA in frost, blizzard around the great lakes.  Blizzards in Buffalo.  Photos and videos « 3B Meteo

USA in frost, blizzard around the great lakes. Blizzards in Buffalo. Photos and videos « 3B Meteo

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Blizzard in the USA
Blizzard in the USA

UPDATE SATURDAY. BUFFALO SUBMERGED IN SNOW, TWO VICTIMS IN NEW YORK STATE. As expected, the areas close to the Great Lakes are affected by heavy snowfalls and on the eastern shores of Lake Erie the situation is exceptional. In Buffalo (New York state) the meter of fresh snow is exceeded in some areas of the city, with real snowstorms and even snow storms. In general, in the western part of the State of New York, the thickness of snow reaches even one and a half meters and it is not over: further snowfalls are expected in the next few hours. The snowstorms caused a great deal of inconvenience and damage: over 7,000 people were left without electricity, while a state of emergency was declared in 11 districts. Unfortunately, two victims are also reported in the Lake Eire area.

UPDATE FRIDAY. The central and northeastern United States continue to be affected by a frost wave that brought winter to many areasespecially that of the Great Lakes. Temperatures have dropped dramatically below zero up in the plains and rainfall snowy they are whitewashing some of the most important cities. Among these, Buffalo, but in particular the area south of the city. In Durkirk, 50cm of accumulation was reached in just 24 hours, something sensational if we think that we are only in mid-November and these are flat countries. It is certainly nothing new for these areas, but sometimes it is also fun to remember that we are at the same latitudes as Rome. Widespread road traffic problems and more. Here are some videos and some webcams.

These heavy snows are caused by the LAKE EFFECT SNOW phenomenon. What is it? When very cold currents flow over a milder water surface such as that of large lakes, real precipitation bands are formed. This precipitation can also take on a thunderstorm character. Snow cores therefore that are churned out by these huge lakes ready to whiten all the surrounding areas. Let’s see a video showing this phenomenon.

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