Week, the dangerous Cyclone Poppea arrives from Tuesday, risk of floods and lots of snow;  forecasts » ILMETEO.it

Week, the dangerous Cyclone Poppea arrives from Tuesday, risk of floods and lots of snow; forecasts » ILMETEO.it

Weather: Week, from Tuesday the dangerous Cyclone Poppea arrives, risk of floods and lots of snow; forecasts

Here comes the Cyclone PoppeaNamed by us with the name of Poppea is ready to arrive a dangerous cyclone which will hit many regions of Italy with its load of bad weather.

It is a deep cyclonic vortex that will take its origins from the tense and unstable North Atlantic currents that have already conditioned the weather in many regions of Italy in recent days where the rains, storms and an increasingly more autumnal in style.
We are now experiencing a very brief respite, but already during the second part of Monday 21st the weather will be destined to show the first serious signs of the announced arrival of the Poppea cyclone.

But let’s see in more detail what the weather will reserve for us new week.
After a relatively quiet Monday morning for many regions of the country, in the course of the afternoon the weather picture will begin to show signs of turmoil with rains also in the form of a backhand ready to hit the western area of ​​the city especially towards the evening Sardiniathe Liguriathe Tuscany to then extend as the hours go by to the rest of the North and to the whole Tyrrhenian area
where the rainfall will begin to be quite intense.

During the night the deterioration will gradually become more and more bombastic prelude to a Tuesday 22 strongly disturbed for a large part of our country. Although the rain will wet many regions, there will be some areas at risk of important phenomena. We refer to the regions of Triveneto and to all the Tyrrhenian sector. Here the phenomena may be of strong intensity also accompanied by storms which could obviously increase the risk of sudden flash floods.

For greater clarity and to better understand which areas will be most at risk of extreme phenomena, you can look at the attached map. We immediately notice the colored areas of red where cumulative precipitation could fall close to i 150mm. With color yellow as far as 100mm then move on to 70mm in fuchsia and 40mm in dark blue.The distribution and quantities of rain forecast for Tuesday 22 NovemberThe distribution and quantities of rain forecast for Tuesday 22 November

But in addition to the rain there will also be snow which may fall at times copious and abundant on the central-eastern Alpine reliefs even at altitudes close to 600/700m and on 1300/1400m on the Apennine ridge.
The severe bad weather will also bring with it a marked increase in winds that will blow in a storm especially on the western side of the country, but also on the Adriatic Sea. The storm surges that will be widespread and strong throughout the Tyrrhenian sector, on the western coasts of Sardinia and also on those of the upper Adriatic (here the Bora will blow strongly) will not be counted. Spectacular water tornadoes (waterspouts) cannot be ruled out either.

Signs of improvement? Yes, from the evening and starting from the northern regions. Then during the night also at the Centre.
From Wednesday 23rd in fact we will see a timid increase in pressure which could guarantee us calmer weather conditions for a few days, at least until Thursday. Afterwards the atmosphere seems to get a bit agitated again, but we will give you more details about this in the next updates.


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