what are the worst airports

what are the worst airports

A survey organized by the British Consumers’ Association “Which?” has compiled a ranking of the worst airports in the UK in terms of average waiting times for security checks. The investigation was conducted between February and August and involved almost 1,300 people who passed through a stopover in Great Britain.

Below is the ranking of the top 10 British airports (from the most punctual to the most late): at number position 1 is London-City (12 minutes), followed on an equal footing by the Irish airport Belfast and from the Scottish Glasgow (13 minutes), then in position 4 there Newcastle (15 minutes), Scottish Edinburgh and London tied for 5-Gatwick (16 minutes), followed by London-Stansted (18 minutes), Luton (19 minutes) and in position 10 from London-Heathrow (20 minutes). Further behind Manchester (24 minutes), Birmingham (24 minutes), Bristol (30 minutes) and Leeds-Bradford (35 minutes).

“Travellers have borne the brunt of an unprecedented chaos at UK airports this year, with huge numbers of people enduring long queues and some even missing flights due to excessive waiting times to get over security checks”, underlined the editor of the British consumer magazine “Which?”, Guy Hobbs.

“The choice of the airport -he added- shouldn’t ruin a holiday, but for too many travelers this year it was”. Therefore “we recommend choosing an airport with a better record in terms of queues and passenger treatment, even if this involves traveling slightly further from home”.

Delays have been accurately measured, thanks to the presence of automated systems at the airport that provide passengers with real-time updates on estimated waiting times. 7% of those interviewed said they had missed a flight in the summer because they were stuck in a queue; toOther inconveniences occurred due to the lack of personnel at the airports.

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