Who is Herve Renard, the coach of Saudi Arabia hero of Lusail

Who is Herve Renard, the coach of Saudi Arabia hero of Lusail

Herve Renard has become a real national hero in Saudi Arabia. A Westerner who conquers the heart of the homeland of Mohammed and Islam. The French coach teaches soccer to the albicleste in Lusail, Qatar bringing the team of Messi and co to its knees. with a super Saudi Arabia almost certainly adding a new public holiday to its calendar. Let’s find out who the coach who made the Saudis dream is.

Who is Herve Renard: from Europe to Asia

Herve Renard, 54 years old, French. His homeland chewed it up and then threw it away labeling him as a coach unfit for the game of football. However, Mister Renard didn’t give up, proving he had what it takes to be a winner. Renard was first a footballer but like almost all great coaches he didn’t have success and so he decided to take the helm. As already mentioned, France has never given him too many opportunities despite him having already won a lot. In fact, Renard has only coached Sochaux and Lille. His coaching career began at Drauguignan, a team in which he also played as a defender. However, his turning point took place in 2002 when Claude Le Roy calls him his deputy in China. From that moment on, a new world opened up for Renard.

Success in Africa with Zambia and Ivory Coast

His beautiful football goes around the south and east of the world. First in China, then in Vietnam. He returns to Europe coaching in minor leagues in England and France. However, Renard realizes that club teams may not be for him and so he answers present when called by the national teams. The first flag he will train will be that of Zambiawith which from 2008 to 2010 he will be able to conquer the quarter-finals of the African Cup. With the African national team, however, Mr. Renard had not yet closed the accounts and wanted to win at any cost. In fact, in 2011 he returned to the Zambia bench and in 2012 he accomplished a feat: wins the African Cup on penalties against the Ivory Coast with the result of 8-7. To make it up to the Ivorians, Herve Renard decides to bring them to the podium too. Three years later, in the 2015on the Ivory Coast bench, e wins the African cup again. The French coach thus enters history by becoming thethe first manager to win the competition twice. Herve Renard also comes close to the feat with the Morocco. From 2016 to 2019 he coaches the Moroccan national team and leads it, after 20 years of absence, at the World Cup in Russia in 2018. However, his experience in Morocco ended with a defeat in the first round of the World Cup and a defeat in the round of 16 of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations against Benin

“The Enterprise of the 11 of Lusail”, November 22, 2022. A date to remember for Saudi Arabia

However, Mister Renard does not give up and the Saudis like his approach. In 2019 he was entrusted with the bench of Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East there was a lot of excitement after the World Cup was awarded to Qatar and nobody wants to make a bad impression. Against all odds, then, Renard makes a scary debut in the eyes of the world: beat Argentina 2-1 with his Saudi Arabia at the Lusail stadium. The Albiceleste was unbeaten in 36 games and was the most feared team of all; but not for mister Renard. From Mecca, via Medina, to Riyadh, for the Saudis this victory was almost like winning a World Cup. Herve Renard has entered the heart of the Saudi Arabian fans and many describe him as a true national hero. November 22 will no longer be a day like any other for the Saudis, but it will almost certainly become a national holiday to remember the feat of the 11 of Lusail led by Herve Renard.

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